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Safety Coordinator Overview

Helmets to Heal Safety Coordinator (H2HSC)

Helmets to Heal is a non-profit organization aiming to increase safety and player participation in youth and high school football programs. This is done through education and by providing programs with the game’s latest technology in mouth guards, helmets and other head safety products, and health tracking systems. Helmets to Heal is dedicated to informing and educating parents on the products currently available that are making the game safer. The Safety Coordinator is a program’s designated Helmets to Heal representative. The position will bridge the gap between Helmets to Heal administration and football program personnel and parents. It is necessary to have a local individual designated, trained, and certified as an H2HSC in order to fulfill the program’s need.  

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Mission statements – "Save the Brain, Save the Game"

Protecting kids in sports should not be stopped by money. WE educate the sports family, WE help you mitigate the risk of participation, and WE empower the program to increase safety year after year. Together we can protect the greatness in every child in America.

NOT for Profit Organization  – Helmets to Heal is a 501(c)(3) organization that donates every dollar we can to fitting kids with first class protection, while implementing a safety program that will set your program up for success for the foreseeable future.


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At Helmets to Heal, we believe that every organization is unique, which is why a “cookie cutter” safety program won’t work. We must collect some basic information about the current state of your program, and then make recommendations based on those findings.

To find out if working with Helmets to Heal is right for your organization, download the file and complete our initial 3-Step Assessment. Once complete, we will contact you to discuss our recommendations. Downloadable PDF below!

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