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Educate, Mitigate, Empower

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Your support and contributions will enable us to educate and improve safety for youth athletes. Please contact us about larger donations.

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About Us

How We're Helping

We are a community based organization focused on making youth sports safer. With the help of our tireless staff, we help your program create a proactive risk mitigation program, and offer in-depth training  for our voluntary Helmets to Heal Safety Coordinator (H2HSC).

Our Mission

As an H2HSC, you will lead your program to a safer future, while we create and track real time data. Through our 3-step process, we will be able to educate, mitigate, and empower parents to help their program for the following year. Our hopes are to share the program's success in your community and develop a marketing platform that helps increase your program participation rates for years to come. Our mission is simply to help your program.

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, support, or if considering becoming an H2HSC, thank you! Without you, we wouldn't be able to help so many.  

Please consider becoming Helmets to Heal Certified. Together we can #savethebrain and #savethegame

Our Sponsors

Safety Coalition

Our Team

Plan with TeamSafe

With the help of the TeamSafe app, an H2HSC will be able to create a proactive emergency action plan at the touch of finger. 

Athlete Intelligence Wins

Athlete Intelligence's goal is to help your program increase safety through data. With equipment donations and Athlete Intelligence tracking the data, we will show that our team will win.

Become Part of the X

Xenith helmets are one of a kind. Shock suspension system is a form fit every time and allows the shell to help decelerate the head on impact. #xenithinnovation

Play with a 2nd Skull

2nd Skulls are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. The thin layer of  lightweight XRD absorbs energy under sudden pressure or impact.

A S.A.F.E.(r) Clip

The S.A.F.E. Clip is designed for football helmets and is meant to reduce the frontal force impact up to 28%. The S.A.F.E. Clip will replace your basic facemask clip. 

Tackle Smarter, Not Harder

Tackle Tube USA manufactures tackling rings that promote safe (shoulder to shoulder tackling) and proper tackling techniques; it facilitates correct tackling position and hones judgement and timing.

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Become the Future of a Safer Game.

"We started H2H to make the game of football safer for every child in America. This is not about fame or money! It's about the health of every child and the future of the game."

- Kyle Oppenheimer, Helmets to Heal Executive Director

Helmets to Heal

Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States


Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed


3-Step Assessment

Please download and complete our 3-Step Assessment. Completed forms can be returned to Once reviewed, an H2H staff member will contact you.